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  Glorifying the Lord in music is a cornerstone of worship at Faith Lutheran Church.  On any given Sunday you can hear traditional hymns accompanied by piano, guitar, harmonica, sometimes violin and hand drums.  You might also hear modern songs of worship, folk music, gospel standards, ballads, even show tunes- anything with a message of love, peace, joy, or acceptance.  

  This page will show you video of the many and varied forms of musical expression you will find at Faith Lutheran.  If something strikes a chord, well then reach out to us.  We welcome all to join us in making a joyful noise!


"In the Garden" sung by Charlie and David

Offertory by David Y

"Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings" by Phoebe, Dave and Dave

"Joy to the World" Phoebe, Sarah, David and David

You can find the full archive of music from Faith Lutheran Church HERE.

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